On the ground

Your undeveloped land can be an asset. Connected to your farm / industrie or not, Skysun offers solutions allowing you to develop these spaces by cultivating green energy.

In addition to the simple photovoltaic installation, Skysun makes it a point of honour to encourage the development of biodiversity on its projects by combining beehives, agriculture and hedge planting with renewable energy.

A project on the ground is synonymous with permits. We take care of applying for this and have the appropriate architect's plans drawn up..

Savings per month


Savings after 10 years


Our figures vary according to your location. We have spotted you hier:

🇺🇸 Virginia, United States



1 hectare

20 hectares

Transnational solution

You are operating across Europe? We have an offer for you whole real estate portfolio.

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A solution for every site

A manufacturing plant is not managed in the same way as a warehouse.

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Energy guaranteed

Committed by contract to 95% of the forcasted energy production.

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Hour by hour monitoring

With you all the way. We proactively monitor your photovoltaic system.

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Off site solutions

Not all roofs are made for photovoltaics, not all car parks have the necessary sunlight for a photovoltaic installation. Even if your building is optimal for solar, its consumption may far exceed its PV production potential. Nevertheless, there are solutions that allow you to benefit from solar energy and consume green energy locally and remotely.

Skysun offers you to structure the purchase of photovoltaic energy produced in your country.

Price negotiations for network access

Negotiating good rates with your main supplier is also a very powerful lever to reduce your bill. Skysun's energy traders will look into it at your request in order to give an opinion on the quality of the price and conditions offered to you on the grid. The devil is in the details, and a power bill can reveal many surprises when you look closely.

Carbon Audit

A company interested in Skysun's financial solutions is certainly a company concerned about its environmental impact. To find out the extent of carbon emissions related to your activity, Skysun offers carbon audits. This will allow you to measure, reduce and finally offset this impact.